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Zanna truly believes that her purpose in life in to help families.  With compassion for families in domestic situations. she remains neutral to all parties involved   With her ability to remain neutral and calm in all situations, she is able to ensure a positive visitation for all parties while ensuring the court order is followed accordingly. 

Therefore, as a  Supervised Visitation Monitor, she wants to ensure her clients will have an opportunity to visit with one another in a safe, secure, happy and enjoyable environment without any stress to all parties involved.

Zanna's heart, eyes and ears are the right place.  As your Supervised Visitation Monitor she will be in eye sight and ear shot of all parties involved.  Zanna currently possess the following as a Supervised Visitation Monitor:

  • Effective Supervised Visitation Training, Oct 2013    

  • CPR training, updated Sep 2019   
  • Trustline certified Supervised Visitation Monitoring serving families in San Diego Court    
  • SVM Member, Since Sept 2013    

  • Certificate in Christian Education, Emmanuel Bible College 2001 

  • Civil Service for over 34 years in the Healthcare Field as Health Systems Specialist/Management Analyst.    

  • Outreach services projects: Dream For Africa while collaborating with various churches and ministries (Operations Mobilization and Dream for Africa).  Our projects included working with children at various schools and planting seedlings.    

  • Loves working with families and children.